What if there was a world without dementia?

We regard this Global Brain Health and Longevity Initiative as our “moon-shot,” in which we believe we have a unique moment in time where the world is focused on brain health. We must do this together, as these solutions will impact our world, organizations, workforce, and families.

Our vision is rooted in the value of the power of collaboration, innovation, and engaging the younger generation to bring a tangible impact that affects every community, every business, every family, and every person. We can create change by harnessing the boundless reach across the private, public, and government sectors.

Estimated Global Cost of Dementia Annually by 2030
$ 1 +
How Frequently Someone in the World Develops Dementia
1 Seconds
U.S. Caregivers Provide Unpaid Care for Loved Ones with Dementia
1 +
Risk Factors of Dementia that Can Be Decreased with Health Interventions
1 %
Estimated Value of the Health and Wellness Industry
$ 1 +
Time Before Diagnosis that Cognitive Symptoms Can Develop
1 Years

Download the SIP Impact Report

The release of the Global Brain Health and Longevity Impact Report serves as a groundbreaking publication that illuminates the socio-economic impact of these persistent adversaries while providing strategic pathways for change, involvement, and collaboration.

The report unveils the inventive results from the SIP Innovation Olympics contest. This contest brought together six global student teams, fostering their innovative spirit as they forged business concepts that enhance brain health and longevity. The inaugural season highlighted the invaluable insights contributed by global executives who stood shoulder to shoulder during the SIP Innovation Olympics. Their mentorship, support, and guidance have nurtured young visionaries and sown the seeds of revolution in brain health and longevity.

Together, we can make a difference.