Brain Health Innovation Olympics

Brain Health Innovation Olympics

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SIP Brain Health Innovation Olympics

The 8-week program is structured for young professionals to develop dynamic and outcome-oriented business concept ideas for multisectoral organizations with an intergenerational lens to ignite change for brain health and longevity.

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Determine the criteria and best practices and new tools to create “Brain Health Centers of Excellence” in both senior living and for seniors aging at home connected to the community? How do we impact seniors, caregivers, staff, and the community?

What would be the criteria/ programs/ ideas for “Brain Health Centers Of Excellence” in the workplace? How can we best integrate “Brain Health” and “Quality of Life” into the workplace where we spend 80% of our time?

How can we best address the mental health crisis with a younger generation that directly impacts Brain Health and create communities where we can embrace the social determinants of health?

How can we create tools for earlier detection and prevention to be able to treat dementia and positively impact Brain Health throughout our lifespan? How can we harness data and AI to detect disease earlier? How can we advance scientific collaboration find cures? Vaccines?

Insights, Innovation, and Impact

Program Testimonials

“The insights our team and organization gained from this program were a powerful perspective from today’s youth leaders. We will continue to incorporate brain health into our global strategy as we partner with SIP to bring innovation and impact to this critical topic that impacts each employee, consumer, and person.”
Pietro Ferraro
Sodexo Health and Seniors
“Magic often happens when people connect with like-minded individuals, and they feel supported by each other. The SIP Innovation Olympics is proof that the future is bright for brain health. These students are rewriting the playbook for tackling neurodegenerative diseases, and their efforts are truly commendable."
Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh
"Over the period of 8 weeks we collaborated with other teams, scientists, doctors, and experts from the SIP network to develop tangible, scalable solutions. If you are a healthcare or business graduate student interested in the future of brain health, I highly recommend participating in the Brain Health Innovation Olympics."
Morgan Moncada
Harvard Business School Captain
“Working alongside executive leaders throughout the ideation, research, and development process gave our team valuable insights to propel our business concepts forward. This program is a true testament in the double-bottom line. We can make substantial impact and conduct business at the same time.”
Julia Papanastou
Dartmouth College Participant

Sponsor Innovation

Sponsorships and donations are an essential part of the strength in this movement. People around the world deserve to live better and healthier lives, and you can actively contribute to solutions in brain health with a generous gift to the SIP Brain Health Innovation Olympics.

Donated funds are directly applied to research, ideation, and business consulting mentorships for participants and teams. With the support of donors and collaborative partners, we can provide participants with the power to bring their solutions in innovation, to life.

The SIP Brain Health Innovation Olympics is a recurring program that invites global student teams and executive leaders to come together and find solutions for better brain health and improved quality of life.

Sponsorship opportunities allow organizations and individuals to engage with emerging global change agents from leading universities. This international, interactive program is an ideal opportunity to contribute to a powerful cause, share leadership insights, and provide mentorship to student innovators. Thank you for being part of our innovation and collaborative efforts to make real change in brain health and longevity!