Social Venture Studio Opportunities in Venture Capital

Social Impact Partners is dedicated to pioneering advancements in brain health and healthy aging. We champion breakthrough ventures, shaping the nexus of technology and neurological health through our investments and origination of companies.

Changing the Landscape of Brain Health

Our ethos is rooted in collaboration. We have curated an influential consortium that unites partners, industry leaders, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and communities. Together, we aim to forge innovative solutions for neurodegenerative challenges.

Our Strategic


Our focus includes ventures that trailblaze solutions and innovations within brain health, longevity and intelligent aging sectors.


Our investment choices undergo meticulous validation, leveraging insights from seasoned industry veterans and our esteemed advisory board.


Beyond mere capital infusion, we extend invaluable strategic counsel to our partners, navigating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.


Our commitment is strategically funneled into four critical sectors, each tailored to address unique challenges to brain health, healthy aging and longevity.

Our Investment Team SIP General Partners

Sarah Hoit General Partner

  • Founder & Chairman of Social Impact Partners
  • CEO & Founder of Connected Living Inc.
  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Deep expertise in brain health and healthy aging

Sarah Hoit is an accomplished, serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience centered around brain health and neurodegenerative conditions. Hoit founded Social Impact Partners with the purposeful mission of leading innovation in this space.

As CEO and Founder of Connected Living Inc., she led the company for 14 years and orchestrated its sale to Omega Healthcare Investors in 2021.

In 2022, Hoit became the Chief Social Impact Officer for BioVie, Inc., a biotech and pharmaceutical company focused on creating innovative solutions for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Hoit is dedicated to social impact and currently serves on the Healthy Aging Action Committee, as well as on the boards at CaringKind and UsAgainstAlzheimer’s.


Industry Affiliations

  • Member, Healthy Aging Action Committee
  • Board Member, UsAgainstAlzheimer's
  • Board Member, CaringKind

Joanthan Olsen General Partner

  • Founder of Ivy Tree Advisors
  • Venture Partner, NextGenVP: early investor in EverlyWell
  • 20+ years experience
  • Deep expertise in health tech and pharma
  • Founder / Editor-in-Chief, Stanford Scientific Magazine

With 20 years of experience in health and technology venture, Jonathan Olsen founded Ivy Tree Advisors, a consultancy network that helps health tech ventures commercialize and Fortune 500 companies innovate.

With NextGen Venture Partners, Jonathan was an early investor in EverlyWell before it was a multi-billion dollar valued company. Jonathan also invests in health tech angel deals through prior groups he co-founded, such as Boston HitList Angels and Stanford Alumni Angels East (NYC).

Co-founded My Cause TV, a video social network for good causes that launched during the Obama campaign with Project Vote and resulted in an IP sale exit in 2012 to Facebook’s spinout.

Industry Affiliations

  • Venture Partner, NextGen
  • Co-Founder, Boston HitList Angels and Stanford Alumni Angels East (NYC)

Mark Roth General Partner

  • Co-Founder, Spinnaker VP, ScaleUp LatAm Fund, Accelerate Colombia, Accelerate Italy
  • Over 20 years experience in Strategic growth and innovation management advisory firm based in Boston.

Mark Roth has raised in total over $100M for previously founded companies, one of which delivering 10X return on investment. Through Co-founding and managing ScaleUp LatAm accelerators in Colombia and Italy, their portfolio has grown to 26 companies.

Roth is a co-founding partner with Spinnaker Venture Partners, a strategic growth and innovation management advisory firm based in Boston, MA, helping companies to create and capture value in the globally connected economy.

With over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and consultant, Mark has provided leadership on new product development, innovation management, and business origination.

Industry Affiliations

  • Co-Founding Partner, Spinnaker Venture Partners
  • Manager, ScaleUp LatAm accelerators (Colombia and Italy)

Greg Geehan General Partner

  • Co-Founder, Managing Partner AccelHUB Venture Partners, ScaleUp LatAm Fund, Accelerate Italy
  • 20+ years experience
  • Specialties in digital health strategy, and international startup expansion

Greg Geehan is an early-stage technology entrepreneur and advisor with a focus on digital health and international startups.

Geehan was critical in creating and growing ScaleUp LatAm and Accelerate Italy company portfolios, launching and oversubscribing LP investments in the $30M ScaleUp LatAm Fund, creating and launching the $30M xLab venture studio and developing the framework for supporting multiple venture studios at the same time. There are currently 4 venture studio platforms under development with over $150M in additional LP funding to support multiple verticals.

In addition, Greg co-founded AccelHUB Venture Partners to create a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and executives that support all deal flow and mentor and advise portfolio companies.

Industry Affiliations

  • Co-Founder, AccelHUB Venture Partners
  • Key Contributor, ScaleUp LatAm and Accelerate Italy


Our investments have consistently yielded substantial returns, ranging from 3-17x. Notably, one early-stage venture investment has yielded  an 67x return to date.