We believe the key driver of productivity in the pursuit of solutions in healthy living is innovation.

The Age of Innovation

Aging is changing, and today’s emerging generation of older adults will be more significant than ever before…especially in size. With a growing number of seniors entering their “silver years,” it has never been more crucial for people everywhere to prioritize brain health and establish quality of life improvements for healthy aging.

The need to establish these global health initiatives that influence healthy living has never been more critical. It is estimated that by 2030, there will be over 1 billion seniors worldwide.

With aging diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s continuing to wreak havoc on the world, it is essential that we take matters into our own hands and respond with innovative solutions in proactive, preventative and stabilizing cognitive efforts so seniors can age gracefully – with their health AND with their dignity.


Participate & Be Part of the Solution

SIP Global Business Plan Contest

The SIP Global Business Plan Contest invites ambitious young entrepreneurs (ages 35 & below) to participate in a new business planning contest and bring their ideas to life! Our uniquely designed, accelerator program with the SIP Innovation Labs allows participants to gain experience, connect with mentors and potentially walk away with a generous PRIZE.

SIP Innovation Olympics

Top student teams from universities and colleges around the world will come together to accept the challenge & compete in the SIP Innovation Olympics. With combined experience from the teams at Social Impact Partners and IXL Center, we have delivered over 30 seasons of competitions, made possible by more than 100 top companies around the world.

Facts & Figures



# of people worldwide that are living with Alzheimer's disease



the annual global cost of dementia

1 in 6


# of people globally that are affected with a neurological disorder



the projected rate for someone in the U.S. to develop Alzheimer's in the year 2050



Alzheimer's is the only top-10 cause of death in the U.S. without a cure

1 in 3


# of people who die with Alzheimer's or dementia

Excellence in Innovation

"Be patient, be persistent and be passionate to make innovation real."
Hitendra Patel
Managing Director, IXL Center
"The global impact of Alzheimer’s gives us no choice, but to act."
George Vradenburg
Cofounder & Chairman, UsAgainstAlzheimer's
"Every innovation starts as an idea...but you have to bold enough to stand behind it. "
Sarah Hoit
Founder, Social Impact Partners