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With ample opportunities for individuals and organizations to get involved, we invite you to join our mission!

Prevention and Wellness

Brain health is much more than just one thing. It includes memory, intellectual function (the old IQ), emotional intelligence, and more. Cognitive neuroscience reveals that these elements are deeply integrated. Strengths in one area can offset or compensate for losses in another.
The brain’s adaptability means that people, no matter age or circumstances, can enhance the quality of their day-to-day life through better brain health and fitness. Schedule your brain health assessment with our collaborative partner, Center for BrainHealth®, The University of Texas at Dallas.

Sponsor Innovation Programs

Sponsorship and partner opportunities are now available for professionals and organizations to be part of delivering valuable programs for global participants.

Innovation donations to SIP will fund, deliver, and scale powerful student programs that foster ideas and inventive solutions in brain health and longevity.

Contribute to our mission to actively be part of the change! Become a judge, corporate case study, or sponsor a team to make significant impact for the future of brain health.

Annual Membership

To generate the most impact, Social Impact Partners formulated a collaborative brain health strategy to engage the public, private, nonprofit, and government sectors by developing a Membership Network.

The collective community convenes global executives, industry experts, student leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and dedicated organizations committed to better brain health. Membership fees are eligible for tax deductions as donations to our nonprofit organization.

Stay Connected with Us

As an active member of the collegiate network with Social Impact Partners, Campus Ambassadors will be empowered to purposefully post on social media, host events, connect with organizations and help to spread the word about our efforts in innovation. Campus Ambassadors also play an active role in our annual Innovation Challenge with reviewing proposals and voting for the lucky winner(s).

Bringing together students from across the globe, Campus Ambassadors will build a connected network of changemakers.