Executive Leadership and
Micro-Forum Series

This exclusive series is designed to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and empower executives to lead their organizations confidently into the future. This groundbreaking initiative is a collaborative endeavor led by Social Impact Partners (SIP) and Future Commerce Initiative (FCI).

Our teams have joined together to bring you the most actionable, future-focused strategy curriculum with the world’s leading faculty, experts, and practitioners in this space. Over the course of the program, you will engage with robust & relevant topics taught by world-class faculty from Harvard Business School, MIT, and industry leaders.

Retail Health Initiative

The overall US healthcare market is $4.4T, about 18% of GDP and growing. 50% of the US Population has one or more chronic conditions, while 5% of the patients drive 50% of the costs – esp. in the last years of life. While prevention, diagnosis, cures, and care all progress, the on-coming age 65+ ‘Silver Tsunami’ especially compels leaders across the healthcare value chain to innovate to improve outcomes at scale. Innovations in Brain Health and Longevity are among today's most significant socio-economic opportunities.

This initial Executive Leadership series will help shape successful strategies for large-scale digital and retail operators who are competing for the 10% or more significant share of consumer health as it shifts away from traditional healthcare models and how we incorporate healthy living into our workforces, product lines, and consumer offerings. Join your senior-level peers on this critical exploration.

January 31 - February 1, 2024
Harvard Faculty Club

Senior Living and the Places We Age

Today’s leaders are compelled to fundamentally transform to a next-generation value proposition delivery and monetization. Changing family and resident expectations, expanding data and automation capabilities, new competitors, new regulations/policies, and ongoing workforce shortages and skill gaps are just a few of the most compelling drivers of change. This is the biggest opportunity in a generation. What should leaders/investors do now and learn next?

Join peers, leading practitioners, and world-class faculty in this provocative exploration into the next generation. We will deep dive into the most important topics using a combination of HBS cases, discussion, and process to draw out the “red thread” in each operator's strategy.

September 24 - 25, 2024
Harvard Faculty Club