Allison Bonner, CDP

Founding Partner of SIP

Youth Board Member

Social Impact Partners

Director of Marketing & Communication


Allison Bonner joined the founding team at Social Impact Partners during the early stages of the organization’s development. Working alongside career mentor, Sarah Hoit, Allison eagerly accepted the challenge to help bring SIP to life. With wide-ranging experience in business development, hospitality, special events and healthcare, Allison pairs an unmatched passion for serving the aging population with a skilled background in marketing and communications.

Following her passion for supporting seniors, Allison held positions in long-term care from both the provider and vendor sides of the industry, directly working with residents and their families. After earning her CDP through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, she has remained committed to serving the aging population with dignity and being part of the solution in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

Taking Action with a Purpose

In addition to her dedicated efforts with SIP, Allison also serves as the Director of Social Impact and Senior Living Partnerships at BioVie Inc.. BioVie is a clinical-stage company developing innovative therapies to overcome unmet medical needs in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and refractory ascites. 

Having worked in senior living, Allison has first-hand experience in how difficult the journey is for seniors who develop these debilitating neurodegenerative conditions. With both friends and family also affected by Alzheimer’s, Allison chooses to actively work towards the solution in her role with BioVie by building partnerships that create opportunities for more seniors to be able to participate in groundbreaking clinical research and drug development.

What is Your "Why?"

To further proactive and preventative care as a way of honoring my Uncle Bobby and friend Steve, in their active journey with Alzheimer's. I am also passionate about improving the quality of life in senior living to influence healthier living for the aging population.